IYI200 – Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
200hrs – Intensive


Training taught in SPANISH – MONDAY TO FRIDAY
Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training
Facilitator Training 200 Hrs. Endorsed by It’s Yoga International and accredited by Yoga Alliance
Our Ashtanga Yoga Certification is designed for you to become a trusted and extraordinary instructor for all levels.This 200Hr in Cancun is a high quality program of 21 days length. Our lead teacher Liliana Mejia has dedicated herself to study and truly understand the practice, she has practiced yoga since 2001 and taught for over 11 years with more than 10,000 hours of teaching experience. She has certified more than 200 Yoga Teachers. She has worked with It’s Yoga international during the last 10 years and she was trained by Larry Schultz the founder of It’s Yoga and The Rocket ® Yoga.
Training includes the opportunity to learn different routines based on Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in a modified way. Routines range from a basic level to a more advanced level.
It’s Yoga offers you this unforgettable experience either to deepen your personal practice or to inspiring teachers who wish to inspire others. Our 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training based on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is open to any level of yoga practice, the only requirement is: to be open to learn, practice and be with us with trust and love. In our system we pay lot of attention to help you to develop your own self-practice, and practice with the right foundation, we will guide you in an open and gentle way in this journey of self transformation. We will give you many different tools in order for you to become a high quality yoga teacher and a good practitioner.
For over 20 years our program has certified Yoga lovers around the world. The 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training course was design by Larry Schultz this program supported by Yoga Alliance has certified more than 10,000 Yoga Teachers around the world since 1989. The main idea of this training is help you to develop a committed self practice and find your inner voice as a Unique Yoga Instructor. Our training takes students on a deep journey of understanding their relationship to practice by studying the three main ingredients: Pranayama, Bandhas and Drishtis. With revolutionary methods that make practice accessible and appropriate, our methodology is modern, therapeutic, challenging and goes hand in hand with the traditional way of teaching.
Through pranayamas, asana practices, kriyas, body-mind journaling, group conversations, readings, mantras and guided meditations, you will practice the essential process of consciously listening to yourself. The training is designed to provide a solid base of knowledge and information which you can use to lead a class of Ashtanga Vinyasa for beginners or intermediate safely and effectively.
The interest in yoga grows day by day along with the demand for qualified and well-trained instructors, which is why one of the fundamental requirements is motivation and inspiration. A basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy can facilitate your certification but it is not essential, the important thing is to know that if you do not achieve an asana to “perfection” nothing will happen, understand that in this training you will know many modifications or variants of postures, so in the near future you may reach the final posture.
Most importantly, our certification is designed to find your “Inner Voice” and to awaken it to teach through it. After you have taught the students the basics and helped you find that voice, the latter part of the program will offer hands-on practices for leading yoga groups. You will leave our program ready to teach yoga.
During training, there can be no absences, no missing assignments and of course the exams must be approved, as this may compromise your approval in the certification.
Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate through It’s Yoga International that they can use to register with Yoga Alliance.
Yoga Alliance based in the US, is the largest organization in the world of Yoga instructors. They are also an international authority accrediting Yoga instructor trainers.
To ensure the success of this training participants require attendance at 100% of the sessions.
To get the most benefits, you must monitor your food (quantity and quality), keep you hydrated and rest.
– History of Yoga and
– Pattabhi Jois
– T. Krishnamacharya
– Larry Schultz
– The Eight Branches of Patanjali and Sutras
Ashtanga Vinyasa System
– Working with Ujjaji Breathing
– Bandhas, Integration; Magic Element
– Drishti and The Inner Connection
– Vinyasa, Connecting Breathing with Movement
– Names (Sanskrit, English and / or Spanish)
– Suryanamaskar A & B, Theory, Alignment, Rhythm and Benefits
– Standing postures, Seated postures, and ending postures
– Practice and Benefits of asanas.
– Verbal and Physical Adjustments.
– The Art of Modifying and Adjusting
Kriyas, Pranayama and Chakras
– Purification Practices
– Controlling Breathing and Controlling the Mind
– The Purpose of Pranayama
– Names, Functions and Location of the Chakras
It’s Yoga System
– Awakening and Creating Your Personal Practice
– Modified Primary Series
– Complete Series in a Compassionate Way
– Mixed Levels / Rocket 1
– Minimum Daily Required (MDR)
Extra Subjects
– Prenatal Yoga
– Ayurveda
– Nervous System and Anatomy
Become a Master
– Principles of Teaching
– Awakening Your Inner Voice
– Ethics / Responsibility in the shala
– Finding your own voice as a teacher
– Developing a Teaching Philosophy
– Learning the Three Methods of Teaching: Verbal, Visual and Physical
– Learn how to promote yourself as teachers
– Tasks by Module
–  classes as an observer
–  classes as an assistant
–  public yoga-asana classes
– private lessons to relatives or in a school
– Theoretical and practical exams
For the modular system at least 5 practices of yoga-asanas per week, the Intensive is daily practice.
Material Included
– “Out of the Box” Study Material
–Chanting Book, Mantra Book 
– All classes in the studio during certification
– It’s Yoga Certificate (If accredited)
Material Not Included and Required
– Yoga mat (important to bring one of your own)
– 2 notebooks
– 100% attendance required
– There is no refund in case of cancellation by any circumstance
– No payment is refundable for any reason.
Number of students: Limited to 15 Students only!
Accreditations: It’s 200 Hr Yoga Training, Yoga Alliance Accredited

Early Bird Price: 2,100 USD. Paid 90 days before.
Full Price: 2,500 USD.

Training taught in SPANISH

Monday to Friday 9:30am – 6:30pm

Nov 15th – Dec 5th 2019

Lead Teacher E-RYT 200, E-RYT 300 and RYT 500: Liliana Mejia


* Paypal commission included. Early bird price will only be valid if payment is received in the specified date.

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