If you could give Yoga as a Gift, who would you choose?

The practice of yoga has the power to transform a life. We feel very blessed to be part of the emotional, physical and spiritual progress of many students and we have also witnessed several who have stopped continuing their practice due to lack of financial resources. That is why, inspired by this cause, we have decided to create a way to generate opportunities, smiles and unconditional love for others. In this way, “Karma Yoga” of It’s Yoga Cancún emerges.
In the course of each month, It’s Yoga Cancún will give a month of unlimited yoga to a student. During that month, that student will have the opportunity to explore our classes, allowing himself to open up to the unexpected and receive what the yoga practice is willing to give him.
In order for this gift to flow indefinitely, we need your support. Nominate a friend, relative, acquaintance or even a stranger who can benefit from yoga. At the beginning of each month It’s Yoga Cancun will select a new student. All nominations will be carried out with the possibility of being infinite. The process is simple tell us who you would choose and tell us why. Your words have the ability to change someone’s life and we are offering unlimited opportunities.

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