You are stronger than you think you are.” – Larry Schultz.

It’s Yoga Cancun opens its doors in July 2007, creating a space dedicated especially to the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. We offer freedom and focus our attention on generating discipline and strengthening the mind. Teaching is personal, we seek that each student progresses gradually, according to their abilities. Our teachers will guide you gently in your progress, valuing your commitment and effort and introducing you to the great Universe of Yoga and its depths … Although, in reality, this is something that you will discover for yourself.
It’s Yoga is dedicated to deepening the “Rockets” created by Larry Schultz, founder of It’s Yoga San Francisco, California in 1989; Counting on diverse studies around the United States and in the world. He has been an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner for more than 23 years and studied intensely with Sri. Pattabhi Jois, world renowned professor at the “Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute” in Mysore, India.

Larry SchultzLarry Schultz
For each of the people, there is a different style of yoga and for each desire an effect. The best students are those who question their teachers and ask for evidence through their own experiences before giving their trust to philosophy. We must all become scientists of our own reality, recognizing the power of choice, and we stay with a smile knowing that where we are is because we decided to be there.

Liliana Mejia

Liliana Mejía

Founder & Head Instructor

Guillermo Duran

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